Website Goes Mobile Friendly

With many attorneys turning to mobile devices to access information, The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of PA recently updated its website to be mobile-friendly. The new website is now more accessible on various devices, including PCs, smartphones, IPads and more. The information and content has not changed, but how the information appears will be different based on the device you’re using.

Understanding that many visitors use the “Look Up PA Attorney” section, we’ve upgraded this section to include a “Show/Hide Column” option. It allows you, the user, to choose which specific details you want or don’t want to see regarding that attorney. This is especially helpful when trying to access the information on a smaller device.

While we tested the site prior to transition, there may be glitches that still arise in the next few weeks. We appreciate your patience as we sort through any issues. If you have trouble with the site, please send the following information to Megan at

  1. The Internet Browser you’re using to access the website (ex: Internet Explorer 7, 8, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  2. Specific issues you’re having – please be as detailed as possible
  3. A screen shot of the issue (not required, but helpful) (To do this on a computer, hold down “control / “PrtSC” and then paste it into the email)