Disciplinary Board Of Pennsylvania Provides New Tool For Understanding Attorney Disciplinary System

(Lemoyne, Pa.) The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania recently released an informational video, posted on its Web site www.padb.us, entitled Assuring the Citizen Access to the Commonwealth’s Legal System. The video provides an overview of the Disciplinary Board and the activities that occur within the organization. It’s been designed to simplify what is a complex process, and to make it easy for both attorneys and consumers to understand the policies and procedures within the Disciplinary Board.

Led by a host and narrator, the viewer is provided a step-by-step understanding of the structure, various office locations, and rights afforded to the citizens of the Commonwealth when filing a complaint regarding the performance of an attorney. Of particular interest is the set of the video, shot primarily within the Chambers of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, which is located within the State Capitol building in Harrisburg.

To access the video from the Disciplinary Board Web site, enter the consumer or attorney section and click on “Overview Video” located under the About Us menu. By selecting the “Overview Video,” it will automatically download and begin running – lasting approximately ten minutes.

DVD copies of the video are available on special request from the Disciplinary Board by contacting the main administrative office in Lemoyne. It is suggested that groups or organizations request the DVD when downloading and watching the video online is not feasible. To obtain a DVD copy, contact the Disciplinary Board office at 717-731-7073, or by fax at 717-731-7080.

The Disciplinary Board’s goals are to protect the general public, maintain a high standard of integrity in the legal profession, and safeguard the reputation of the courts in Pennsylvania. The Disciplinary Board was created by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to review conduct and assure compliance by all attorneys to the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct. For more information about the Disciplinary Board, please visit www.padb.us or contact Megan Kurtz at 717-432-2468 or Megan@TheSuasionWay.com.