Consumer Group Rates Pennsylvania Disciplinary System Nation's "Most Improved"

HALT, a nationwide advocacy group which has been highly critical of lawyers, rated Pennsylvania's disciplinary system the nation's "Most Improved" in its new 2006 survey of lawyer disciplinary systems. Pennsylvania had ranked 51st and last in the organization's 2002 survey, but HALT rated Pennsylvania's the 5th best system in the country in its 2006 survey. Only Connecticut, Colorado, Arizona, and Tennessee ranked higher. HALT Associate Counsel Suzanne M. Blonder stated, ""While the system is far from perfect, Pennsylvania's dedication to reform should be a model to the rest of the nation." Factors cited included improved reporting procedures, the new "open system" initiative, and the development of this website, praised by HALT as "one of the best disciplinary Web sites in the nation."

Coverage of HALT's Lawyer Discipline Report Cards begins here. Pennsylvania's report card is here.