PA Supreme Court Appoints Patricia M. Hastie to Disciplinary Board

(Harrisburg, Pa.) The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has appointed Patricia M. Hastie of Philadelphia to serve on The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court for a three-year term. Ms. Hastie will fill one of the two non-lawyer positions on the Board.

Patricia M. Hastie
Patricia M. Hastie

Ms. Hastie is a Principal at Opus Search Partners, Inc., a boutique executive search firm specializing in healthcare and higher education, with offices in Philadelphia and Portland, Oregon. Prior to joining Opus in 2005, Hastie spent 20 years in private practice as a psychotherapist and as a consultant focusing on workplace crises and large scale disaster recovery.

“I am honored to have been appointed as one of two non-lawyer members of the Board. As a layperson, I hope to represent the consumer in ensuring that the practice of law is conducted in accordance with the highest ethical and moral standards. I look forward to working with such accomplished and dedicated.”

Hastie is a Founding Partner of Globalislocal, a partnership of women leaders investing in the empowerment of women and children living in poverty. In 2007, she was appointed by the Philadelphia Bar Association to serve on the Investigative Division of the Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention. She holds a BSW from Temple University and an MSS from Bryn Mawr College.

The Disciplinary Board is an independent agency funded by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, consisting of thirteen members: eleven attorneys and two non-lawyers from across the Commonwealth. It assists the Supreme Court in carrying out its exclusive jurisdiction over the licensing and discipline of attorneys in Pennsylvania. The members meet regularly to decide case, policies and board administrative matters.

About the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of PA

The Disciplinary Board's goals are to protect the general public, maintain a high standard of integrity in the legal profession, and safeguard the reputation of the courts of Pennsylvania. The Disciplinary Board was created by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to review conduct and assure compliance by all attorneys to the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct. For more information about the Disciplinary Board, please visit

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