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Registration Season Looms: Get Your Account Set Up

Attorney registration is not yet open. Please note that you may set up your account and/or request password assistance (if needed). An email will be distributed with detailed information regarding online attorney registration, please be on the lookout for that. Paper registration forms WILL NOT be mailed as ALL registration must be completed online moving forward.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Appoints Jane Penny as Disciplinary Board Chair

Pittsburgh Attorney Appointed Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board's Newest Member

Luzerne County Lawyer David E. Schwager Appointed to Vice-Chair of Disciplinary Board

How does the Disciplinary System work?

The disciplinary system is created and governed by the Pennsylvania Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement, a broad set of rules by which the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania carries out its constitutional authority to regulate the practice of law in Pennsylvania. [more]

How do I look up an attorney?

Search the Pennsylvania Attorneys to find attorney information such as the attorney's status and whether the attorney has been subjected to public discipline. The Recent Discipline provides a listing of dispositions. [more]

How do I report an attorney?

Complaints against attorneys can be made by consumers. Learn the steps and rules to reporting an attorney. [more]


FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions

The disciplinary system can often be complex and overwhelming; therefore, this section has been designed to answer the consumer's questions regarding disciplinary proceedings, fees, terms commonly used in disciplinary procedures, and general questions about the system. [more]