Attorney Forms

Before downloading Forms, consult Attorney Registration and Attorney Reinstatement in FAQS by Attorneys.

Note: Downloading of forms at this Web site is offered as a public service to members of the bar. A lawyer's inability to download forms does not relieve or qualify in any way the lawyer's affirmative obligation to attend to the requirements of registration imposed by the Pennsylvania Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement.

When downloading the forms below, you can type in the information as it’s a fillable form, or you may print it and write in the information. If you have difficulty downloading forms, you may be using an outdated version of Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. You may download a current version free of charge here.

Registration and Update Forms:

Rule 217 and Subchapter E - Rules for Formerly Admitted Attorneys

Compliance Forms (Disbarred or Suspended Attorneys)

Compliance Forms (Disabled Attorneys)

Compliance Forms (Administratively Suspended Attorneys)

Reinstatement Forms (Suspended/Disbarred Attorneys):

Reinstatement Forms (Inactive, Retired or Administratively Suspended Attorneys):

Complaint Forms

Before downloading a Complaint Form, read Filing A Complaint.

Litigation Forms

Miscellaneous Forms