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Where can I find Pennsylvania rules?

Review the Rules of Professional Conduct, PA Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement, Rules of the Disciplinary Board, Ethics Amendments and the other rules and changes involving the legal system. [more]

How do I look up an attorney?

Search the Pennsylvania Attorneys to find attorney information such as the attorney's status and whether the attorney has been subjected to public discipline. The Recent Discipline provides a listing of dispositions. [more]

Forms: Registration, Reinstatement, Compliance and Address Changes

Forms necessary for registration, address changes, status updates, compliance and reinstatement are available for you to download. [more]

Online Address
Change Form

How do I register and reinstate?

Learn the simple steps to attorney registration and the necessary requirements for becoming reinstated. [more]

Review the Attorney Registration Steps

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs will answer your questions regarding attorney registration, reinstatement, complaints or other questions you may have as an attorney. [more]

Financial Data Reference Guide and Amendment Form