Disciplinary Reporter Case Digest

Attorney ID 81990
Attorney Name Budzak, James E.
DBP Docket No. 92 DB 2006
Supreme Court Docket No. 1187 DD No. 3
County Beaver
Disciplinary Counsel William R. Friedman
Counsel for Respondent John E. Quinn
Decision Date 2008-03-10
Effective Date 2008-04-17
Case Digest The Disciplinary Board found that Respondent committed professional misconduct by fabricating a document and forging a judge's signature. However, Respondent never submitted the documents to the Court and shortly after fabricating the document, he admitted the document was fraudulent. Respondent's client was not misled by the document and soon thereafter obtained new counsel. The Board further found that evidence presented at the hearing demonstrated that, at the time of his misconduct, Respondent was going through a difficult period in his life. Respondent was addicted to heroin and had been arrested for possession of drugs. Respondent's expert diagnosed Respondent with ADHD and "opined that there is a causal relationship between Respondent's ADHD symptoms and the misconduct engaged in by Respondent." The Board found that Respondent was "currently sober and attends Alcoholics Anonymous." The Board further found that Respondent takes medication to suppress his need for opiates and medication for his ADHD, that his marital separation has been repaired and he was expecting a child with his wife. At the time of the hearing, Respondent was seeking employment. The Disciplinary Board concurred with the recommendation of the Hearing Committee and made its own recommendation for a three year stayed suspension and a three year period of probation.
Rule Violation(s) 8.4(c)
Discipline Imposed Suspension for 3 years, stayed in full with probation for 3 years.
Points of Law Forgery of documents and seeking court's reliance on same will subject Respondent to discipline. If Respondent admits his wrongdoing and presents evidence for mitigation discipline may be reduced.
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