Disciplinary Reporter Case Digest

Attorney ID 35838
Attorney Name Fry, Samuel R.
DBP Docket No. 49 DB 1998
Supreme Court Docket No. 668 D.D. No. 3
County Berks
Disciplinary Counsel Anthony T. Verwey
Counsel for Respondent Alan A. Turner
Decision Date 2001-05-08
Effective Date 2001-06-07
Case Digest Respondent was charged with misappropriating approximately $31,500.00 in funds belonging to his law firm over a period of four months and converting those monies to his own use. Respondent was also charged with using various documents to conceal his misconduct. Respondent made a number of different arguments to validate his misappropriation and took the position that his misconduct was mitigated by his depression. The Board found Respondentís various arguments in defense to lack validity. The Board also concluded that reading Respondentís expert report in conjunction with the entire record led to the conclusion that Respondentís depression was a result of his misconduct rather than the cause thereof and thus no mitigation was present.
Rule Violation(s) R.P.C. 1.15(a) and 1.15(b); 8.4(b) 8.4(c)
Discipline Imposed Suspension Ė One year and one day
Points of Law
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