Disciplinary Reporter Case Digest

Attorney ID 61712
Attorney Name Bentivegna, Antoinette M.
DBP Docket No. 88 DB 2005
Supreme Court Docket No. 1218 DD No. 3
County Bucks
Disciplinary Counsel Ramona Mariani
Counsel for Respondent
Decision Date 2007-01-26
Effective Date 2007-01-26
Case Digest By Report and Recommendation dated November 21, 2006 the Disciplinary Board recommended that Respondent be disbarred. The bankruptcy court precluded Respondent from filing any further bankruptcy petitions on her own behalf. Undeterred, Respondent simply adopted an abridged version of her last name and the use of her maiden name, Janis, and again filed bankruptcy petitions in an effort to avoid her creditors. Respondent filed the new bankruptcy petitions listing herself as attorney on behalf of “Tony Janis.” Respondent committed perjury when the court discovered the fraud and placed her under oath in an effort to determine the true identity of the debtor. By Order dated January 26, 2007, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ordered disbarment.
Rule Violation(s) RPC 3.3(a)(1), 3.3(a)(4), 4.1(a), 8.4(b), 8.4(c) and 8.4(d).
Discipline Imposed Disbarment
Points of Law Submitting false and misleading documents and committing perjury in federal bankruptcy court warranted the sanction of disbarment. Respondent’s misconduct was aggravated by her previous history of discipline consisting of a private reprimand and a two-year suspension, as well as her failure to appear or participate in the disciplinary proceedings.
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