Disciplinary Reporter Case Digest

Attorney ID 60961
Attorney Name Gallen, Kenneth
DBP Docket No. 8 DB 2002
Supreme Court Docket No. No. 714 DD No. 3
County Philadelphia
Disciplinary Counsel Barbara S. Rosenburg
Counsel for Respondent John Rogers Carrol
Decision Date 2004-06-24
Effective Date 2002-01-23
Case Digest Respondent, was convicted of DUI and related offenses, including reckless endangerment and aggravated assault, on three occasions between 1997 and 2001; he failed to timely report the first conviction and was transferred to inactive status after that conviction. Respondent also had a history of arrests for DUI and minor offenses dating back to 1987, Respondent was a long-time alcoholic and was diagnosed as bi-polar in 2000. Board found that Braun met but mitigated only to a year and a day due to serious nature of violations.
Rule Violation(s) Criminal conviction RDE 203(b)(1) 214(a)
Discipline Imposed Suspension for one year and one day.
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