Disciplinary Reporter Case Digest

Attorney ID 21416
Attorney Name Mayro, Michael  
DBP Docket No. 144 DB 2001
Supreme Court Docket No. 884 DD No. 3
County Berks
Disciplinary Counsel Suzy S. Moore
Counsel for Respondent
Decision Date 2004-02-03
Effective Date 2004-03-03
Case Digest Respondent engaged in a pattern of neglect and failure to communicate in four separate client matters. The matters included two slip and fall cases, one medical malpractice action and one automobile accident case. Respondent initiated suit in three of the cases and then failed to participate in discovery. The cases were dismissed by non pros, summary judgment or by the court. One case remained open at the time of the disciplinary hearing. Respondent stipulated to most of the misconduct. He did not show remorse. He blamed his office staff and his own lack of office management skills for the misconduct. No character testimony was offered. Respondent presented Braun testimony from a treating psychologist. Respondent attempted the theory that his commitment to horse racing caused the misconduct. The Hearing Committee, Board and Court did not find causation.
Rule Violation(s) RPCs 1.1; 1.2(a);1.3; 1.4(a) and (b); 1.5(c);1.16(d) 3.2; 8.4(c) and (d).
Discipline Imposed Suspension for two years
Points of Law Recidivism will be met with severe discipline. The Braun standard of causation cannot be met with the mere presentation of a medical expert who opines that a mental condition impeded the practice of law.
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