Disciplinary Reporter Case Digest

Attorney ID 41829
Attorney Name Susi, Dan W.
DBP Docket No. 53 DB 2002
Supreme Court Docket No. 733 DD No. 3
County Erie
Disciplinary Counsel Angelea Allen Mitas
Counsel for Respondent Philip B. Friedman
Decision Date 2003-10-09
Effective Date 2003-11-08
Case Digest Respondent was convicted of indecent assault and furnishing liquor to a minor after plying his 18 year old former client with alcohol and then sexually assaulting him. Respondent was initially sentenced to 90 days 1 yr. imprisonment (30 days work release and electronic monitoring for 60 days thereafter), followed by 2 years probation. Subsequent to the disciplinary hearing, and while the matter was pending before the Disciplinary Board, Respondent was detained on a probation violation, and sentenced to 10 months incarceration. Office of Disciplinary Counsel and Respondent then jointly filed with the Supreme Court a Joint Petition for Emergency Temporary Suspension under Rule 208(f), Pa.R.D.E. and the Supreme Court entered an Order temporarily suspending Respondent on July 9, 2003.
Rule Violation(s) 5 year suspension retroactive to July 9, 2003
Discipline Imposed 5 year suspension retroactive to July 9, 2003
Points of Law The extensive media attention, Respondent's embarrassment and his personal distress, are not the focus of the disciplinary proceeding, but rather the crime he engaged in. Respondent's misconduct is particularly egregious in light of Respondent's relationship to the victim as his former attorney and current employer, and his knowledge of the victim's background via his previous representation of the victim on underage drinking charges.
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