Disciplinary Reporter Case Digest

Attorney ID 49055
Attorney Name Raiford, Milton E.
DBP Docket No. 50 DB 1994
Supreme Court Docket No. 42 D.D. No. 3
County Allegheny
Disciplinary Counsel Samuel F. Napoli
Counsel for Respondent Helen Marie Lynch
Decision Date 2002-01-31
Effective Date 2002-01-31
Case Digest Respondent sought reinstatement from disbarment ordered in 1997 (retroactive to May 27, 1994). Respondent was disbarred for having someone impersonate his client, and plead guilty to criminal charges filed against the client. This was done without the client's knowledge. Respondent introduced testimony as to his rehabilitation, and as to his character. He also produced evidence as to his competence and learning in the law
Rule Violation(s) N/A
Discipline Imposed Denial of Reinstatement
Points of Law (1) Respondent's conduct is not so egregious as to preclude reinstatement. (2) In case involving "egregious disregard for the integrity of the legal system" and damage to "the public trust in the legal system," "readmission to the bar after seven years of disbarment would do further damage to the public trust in the legal system."
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